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We believe that in every oil facility we design we must study the facilities potential environmental impact and implement sustainability throughout the entire design process. Buisier Engineering serves its clients in the fields of Oil Facilities Design and Engineering, Environmental Studies and Inspection of Oil Storage Facilities and Transportation Elements.

As a result of our long working relations throughout different sectors of the industry within the United States, we have formed strong relations with diverse groups of engineers and scientists who pertain exceptional talent. Years of experience, work and communication has lead Buisier Engineering to develop a vast network throughout the oil and gas industry. We are honored by the elite professionals who have joined the Buisier Engineering team. Our employees and associates are among the best in their disciplines, some of them have participated in writing engineering codes and standards used in the United States.

Today, we still follow our tradition of excellence and hard work in every job we do. As we’re supported by paramount professionals, who provide exceptional knowledge and experience, we’re able to assure our clients that we offer the best solution-oriented and cost-effective expertise needed to confront their challenges.

Our Team

Buisier Engineering CEO

Mohamed S. Buisier

Lead Project Manager
B.Sc. Petroleum Engineering

Mohamed is the Founder and Lead Project Manager of Buisier Engineering. Mr. Buisier has over 30 years of experience in the Oil and Gas industry along with a B.Sc. in Petroleum Engineering. Throughout his career Mohamed has led engineering teams through the process of facility design, assessment, evaluation and mitigation of impacts. With Mohamed’s leadership Buisier Engineering has gained the trust of international clients such as Brega Petroleum Marketing Company (BPMC), Occidental (OXY), Tatneft, Petro-Canada, Zuetina Oil Company (ZOC) and the Arabian Gulf Oil Company (AGOCO). Mr. Buisier recently wrote the specifications for the Libyan EGA Gas Station Standard and is an Environ-Petroleum Consultant, certified in in several environmental fields, recognized by the Libyan EGA and a member of the Produced Water Society. Furthermore, Mohamed’s clients include prominent organizations such as the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, The United States Coast Guard, and several municipalities throughout America’s Northeast.


William P. Stewart

Principal Senior Offshore Engineer
M.Sc. Offshore Structures

William is the Principal Senior Offshore Engineer at Buisier Engineering. Along with a M.Sc. in Offshore Structures, Mr. Stewart has over 35 years experience in the Offshore and Marine Industry and has contributed to projects in nearly every continent. Also William is a member of the worlds most prestigious engineering institutes such as the Royal Institution of Naval Architects, Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME), IMarEST, Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and American Society of Civil Engineers. William has won multiple awards for his contributions, such as establishing the Training School for Marine Crews of Floating Offshore Vessels in Houston, TX and publishing over 15 books pertaining to the Mooring and Marine Industry. Mr. Stewart adds exemplary offshore and marine engineering experience to the Buisier Engineering team. William is able to provide Buisier Engineering clients with engineering and analytical experience among fixed and floating marine structures including static and dynamic finite element stress analysis, mooring analysis, stability analysis, hydrodynamic analysis, geotechnical design and analysis. William adds world class engineering evaluation of offshore and marine projects with an emphasis on technical, commercial and other insurable risks to the Buisier Engineering team.

Scott Deal Buisier Engineering

Scott Deal

Principal Fire Protection Engineer
M.Sc. Fire Protection

Scott is the Principal Fire Protection Engineer at Buisier Engineering. With a M.Sc. in Fire Protection and firsthand experience working as a firefighter early in his career Mr. Deal knows the ins and outs of the Fire Industry. Mr. Deal has over 30 years experience in the Fire Industry and has contributed to projects throughout the USA as well as other areas of the world. Scott was responsible for the inspection of the American Navy Depot at Diego Garcia Navy Airbase and served as the Fire Protection Director at the Masqat International Airport. Scott has been recognized for multiple publications he’s authored. Today, Scott provides Buisier Engineering with renowned fire protection engineering experience and skills.

Bruce Langhus Buisier Engineering

Bruce Langhus

Principal Senior Geologist
Ph.D. Geology

Bruce is the Principal Senior Geologist at Buisier Engineering. Along with a Ph.D. in Geology, Bruce has over 40 years experience in the Geology Industry and has worked with the Department of Energy as well as the State of Oklahoma. Dr. Langhus was responsible for a Water Injection Controller which has 25,000 PW injection wells for the State of Oklahoma.  Dr. Langhus has gained unique experience which qualifies him for dealing with the complex technical and regulatory issues found in Full Stream Water Management (FSWM). Dr. Langhus has contributed to projects including salt water evolution studies, soil-gas exploration, surface fracture mapping, innovative CNBG water management plans including disposal into non productive coals and use as EOR make-up water, project economics analysis, reservoir studies, water management in connections with shale gas development, and expert testimony.  Bruce has been recognized for his participation in writing regulations for the US Department of Energy’s National Environmental Technical Lab as well as his various publications. Bruce provides Buisier Engineering with renowned geology experience and skills.

Brian Moore Buisier Engineering

Brian Moore

Principal Senior Environmental Engineer
B.A. Environmental Science and Policy

Brian is the Principal Senior Environmental Engineer at Buisier Engineering. Along with a B.A. in Environmental Science and Policy, Brian has over 25 years experience in the Environmental Industry and has worked throughout EPA Regions I, II and III. Mr. Moore has played a role in many projects pertaining to extensive assessment and remediation of contaminated sites including environmental cases associated with refining, bulk storage and upstream pipeline transmission work. Also Mr. Moore has a plethora of experience managing numerous oil and hazardous materials cases for major oil, lubrication, commercial trucking and pipeline companies in America’s Northeast. Mr. Moore’s experience working with various state and federal regulators throughout the Northeastern US, managing emergency response operations in the northeast for an international oil corporation and research for acquisitions observing the new EPA AAI Standards adds top notch environmental engineering skills to the Buisier Team.

Rashesh Sha Buisier Engineering

Rashesh Sha

Principal Senior Instrumentation and Control Engineer
B.E. Instrumentation and Control

Rashesh is the Senior Instrumentation and Control Engineer at Buisier Engineering. With over 25 years experience as an Instrumentation and Control Engineer Mr. Sha is an expert. Rashesh has extensive experience in all aspects of the instrumentation, automation and control system relative to the Oil and Gas Industry. Mr. Sha’s work experience includes everything from the concept to commissioning of automation projects including system design, writing software applications, process control narratives, instrument loop drawings, preparing and approving DCS database, UPS design and more.

Amina Cho Buisier Engineering

Amina Cho

Principal Mechanical and Pipeline Engineer
M.Sc. Pipeline Transportation

Amina is the Principal Mechanical and Pipeline Engineer at Buisier Engineering. Along with an M.Sc. in Pipeline Transportation, Mrs. Cho has acquired vast experience in the Oil and Gas Industry and its various sectors. Amina has participated in multiple engineering projects ranging from exploration and production pipeline design to transportation midstream terminals design. As a mechanical and pipeline engineer Mrs. Cho has had a focus on pipeline flow calculations, thickness, analysis and mechanical datasheet procurement for plant equipment lists. Amina’s experience has allowed her to develop the ability to fully understand end users requests and complying with industry standards.

Prem Serda Buisier Engineering

Prem Serda

Principal Process Engineer
M.Sc. Natural Gas Engineering

Prem is the Principal Process Engineer at Buisier Engineering. Along with an M.Sc. in Natural Gas Engineering, Prem has over 15 years experience of process engineering in the Natural Gas, Refining, Storage Terminal and Bio-Diesel Industry. As a process engineer Mr. Serda’s work has had a focus on simulating process plants with HYSIS, relief system sizing, flare header sizing using visual flow and FlareNet, evaluating Safety Instrumented System’s (SIS) to mitigate large flare load and tower overfill scenario’s, instrument specifications, safety reviews for HAZOP studies, preparing data sheets for KO Drums, exchangers and more. Throughout his career Mr. Serda has been involved in major projects for clients such as BP, Conoco Phillips and Chevron. Prem’s extensive process engineering experience adds to the Buisier Engineering Team’s intelligence and process engineering capabilities.